Natural Area Design

Incorporating skills in Ecology as well as Landscape Architecture,
Rob Burrell is renowned for innovative solutions in Natural Area Design in projects associated with subdivision design, and parkland and open space design.

Working in harmony with the regional ecosystems identified with the area, revegetation strategies are developed to simulate a natural ecological succession. Both pioneer and climax community species are used in combination plantings that will result in a rapid developing closed canopy to supress weeds while slower growing climax community plantings are establishing themselves.

In addition to revegetation, bushfire management, maintenance considerations, visual amenity and screening, pedestrian and vehicle access and interpretative signage (and other elements) can all form part of the many considerations associated with treating a piece of revegetating bushland.

A good solution associated with an urban or suburban context will integrate the needs and aspirations of the local community with the long-term viability of the natural area such that there is a sustainable coexistence of both into the future.